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During the height of the pandemic, I did hour-long Zoom calls in my makeshift home office. This is a more intentional and in-depth evolution of that.

I know that full-on mentorship programs can be intimidating and not something everyone can invest in right now. That's why I wanted to create these courses just for someone like you, for photographers who maybe can't eat the entire pie right now, but can, instead, grab a couple slices for the road!

Super casual, personal, fun, and full of information you can actually apply
right now. Bite-sized simplicity, just for YOU.

These courses are sectioned up into different topics to make them easier to digest and easy to pick + choose which ones you want to take, as well as how many at a time. If you're local to Atlanta, we can schedule a time to meet up and do your course(s). If you're not, we can bring our coffees (or other beverage of choice) to a Zoom video chat! Either way, I'm excited to have some one-on-one time with you!

If you'd rather take my entire mentorship all at once where everything you see here will be included and more, then you can click here to learn more about that! If not, you can register and pay for your individual courses down below!

Thanks so much for your desire to not only invest in yourself as a creative, but also for your desire to invest with me. It's truly an honor to be able to come alongside you in your creative business journey!


Come Join Kelsey for Coffee + Your Course!
What time of day works best for you, typically?

When you Submit your form, it will take you my Courses page so you can choose which ones you want and pay!

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